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Medical film production

Live broadcast of surgeries

We are the experts when it comes to filming surgeries or broadcasting surgeries live. Film production of medical films, hospitals, conferences, and medical tutorials.

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Filmteam OP Film

Film team for the operating theatre

We offer you a broad service portfolio within films for hospitals from the experienced cameraman in an operating theatre, the editor in the medical field, the cutter with experience in cutting surgery films to the technician for special camera technology in the surgery area. WIEL film production is your well-practised filming team for film recordings in operating theatres, medical training films, patient interviews, and information films for training and development of doctors and nursing staff.

Our skilled camera crews are familiar with filming in sterile surroundings and are also available for complex surgeries. All members of the team have already gathered experiences in this field; know how to act in operating theatres and know what is important when it comes to medical videos. Of course, we do utilize suitable camera technology in full HD.

Moreover, we produce image films, information films, hospital films, scientific films for conferences, medical films for surgeries, surgery procedures, or films for patient’s TV in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, or hospices. We also get new medical devices (medical product films), techniques, and medication on camera.

WIEL video production – your film production for medicine and health – Health Video Production, Health Campaigns, Medical and Health Animation, Medical and Health Training Films.

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