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Video Production and Film Locations: Italy, Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice

Need help with a shoot in Italy? For you, we organize local producers as well as camera crews and realize your shoot!

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Video Production and Film Locations: Italy, Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice

Film Locations: Italy, Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice

Need help with a shoot in Italy?

Remote shooting – You can control your shoot from anywhere in the world

In this age of COVID-19, it can be difficult to direct video shoots around the world. We are here to offer you professional remote shooting with live video streaming during the shoot. You can direct any shoot directly from any country in the world. Isn’t that convenient? Directors and clients of commercial shoots can have very specific requests regarding shooting angles, footage, equipment, scenery, mood, etc. Our live streaming solution gives you control over the entire shoot. An AD on location can communicate your ideas on set and work with the actors. We can do location scouting in preparation for the shoot. Depending on your needs, we can create a detailed shooting schedule before the actual filming.

Full-service production

Don’t have time to direct the shoot yourself? Do you just need a quick video in Italy or Europe? We are here to help you. We literally produce everything: from one-man shows to high-end commercials. There are times when you need a huge set with Russian Arm and Masterprimes, a complex crew, and ARRI Alexa. Other whiles, you just need one fellow with a Sony A7. Like everything else, video shoots depend on budget. It’s our job to get everything you need. Tell us a budget and we will look for the most suitable service.

Drone shootings

There are different drone regulations in each country. These regulations can also change every now and again. We can provide professional drone pilots for Mavic Pro 2, Inspire 2 etc. all over Europe, including Italy.  If you have a request for a drone shoot, please contact us. Please note that permits for drone shoots can take 1-3 weeks to process. The effort is of worth, because nothing shows the beauty of locations in Italy or Europe better than a drone shoot.


When you’re shooting in different locations around the globe, it’s necessary that your footage looks similar. We will adjust your video shoot the way you need it. If you want a red dragon, you’ll get one! Do you want a Canon EOS R or ARRI Alexa? Here you go. We can provide you with local ACs anywhere in Europe. They will ensure your footage looks the way you need it to. There are no surprises regarding framerate, resolution or codec.

Camera gear

Taking big gear on the plane is such a pain! Luggage gets lost and air travel regulations can be so complex. That’s why you can order the equipment you need locally. We find you professional rental companies in Italy and Europe and work hard to get you the best deal. Whether sliders, jibs, lenses, tripods, Ronin Gimbal, Russian Arm, dolly and rails – we get you what you want.

Budgeting remote shoots

It can be very hard to estimate the costs when shooting in another country. We are aware of this fact. If you send us a list of what you need, you’ll get a rough estimate within 12 hours and a binding estimate within 3 days. Unless you are planning to shoot a whole feature film – then it may take a little longer. The good news is that you can cut travel costs out of your budget and invest in crew and equipment. Even if you are planning to shoot in different countries across Europe, we can help you make the best of your production budget with our network.

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