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Film Locations and Video Production Service in Norway, Oslo, Bergen

Are you planning to do a shoot in Norway and need some help? From local producers to camera crews: We can organize it!

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Mountains - Film Locations and Video Production Service in Norway, Oslo, Bergen

Norway, Oslo, Bergen

Are you planning to do a shoot in Norway: We can organize it!

Remote Shoot – Direct your shoot even from the distance

We know, to direct videos all over the globe in times of Corona is a challenge. What if you could have a live streaming during the shoot? In this manner you can conduct the video shots directly even if you are not present on site. Isn’t that convenient? Have you ever experienced directors and clients of commercial shoots with their specific wishes and requests about shooting angle, scenery, equipment, mood etc.? Now, with this solution, you will get perfect control. An AD on the spot can talk to the actors and transmits your instructions to the set. Beforehand, we can develop a detailed shooting plan and a comprehensive location scouting.

Full Service

What if you cannot direct the video production yourself? Or is it a quick video production in Norway what you want? Either or, we can manage it. There isn’t anything we cannot produce: one-man-shows or high-end productions. Sometimes you just need one camera man and sometimes a huge set with crews, ARRI Alexa, Russian Arm etc. Budget shows the way. It is our matter of interest to get you what you want. We will definitely find the right service with the budget you give us.

Drone Shoots

Every country has its own drone regulations. From time to time regulations can change. We offer professional drone pilots (Inspire 2, Mavic Pro 2 etc.) in Norway and Europe. Contact us with your drone shoot request and we will help you. Please take into consideration that drone shoot permissions can take up to 3 weeks processing time. We assure you, it’s worth the wait. A beautiful drone shoot shows all of the Norwegian beauty!


Video material from different shoots has to look pretty much similar. Therefore, we customise your video to your wishes. Red dragons, ARRI Alexa, Canon EOS R? You will get it! Our local ACs will guarantee no surprises regarding codec, frame rate and resolution and he or she will make sure that your videos come out exactly as you want it.

Camera Equipment

Have you ever experienced the hassle of lost luggage, complicated air travel regulations, bringing large equipment on a plane? This time, why don’t you order the equipment you need on the spot? We will do our utmost to get you the best deal from the most professional rental companies in Norway. This includes Dolly and tracks, jibs, lenses, Russian Arm and Ronin Gimbal, sliders, tripods etc.


The calculation of shooting costs in foreign countries can be difficult. All you have to do is send us a list with the things you need. Within 12 hours and a firm quote within 3 days you will get a rough estimate (except it’s a whole motion picture movie – then it might take a bit longer). Here is the good news: Travel expenses can be excluded from your budget. This time you can invest it in gear and crew. Where is your next video production? Anywhere in Europe we will be there to support you with our network.

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