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WIEL Filmproduktion – Provider for live streaming in Leipzig, Germany

Specialised on live broadcast

We realize live streaming and live production. Broadcast & corporate live streaming, internet streaming.

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Film production for live streaming & live broadcast for Leipzig, Halle, Dresden & Germany! WIEL live streaming company Leipzig.

live stream / live broadcast - provider Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin - Germany

Provider for live streaming of congresses, speeches, and recordings of conferences – Integration of video conferences 

As a video producing company we are specialised on live broadcast of congresses, speeches, recordings of conferences, webcast and live streaming in Leipzig, Halle, Dresden and all over Germany. We can realise your live broadcast on popular live streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Vimeo, Twitter, Mixer.com, Web.TV, as well as on separate servers, in order that only the requested spectators are able to get access to your live stream. The spectators have to log in a live streaming website that will be provided by us. This is how you can see who attends your live stream for how long. Of course, you will have the opportunity to involve the audience interactively in the live stream. Then, the spectators can ask questions in a chat or you can join them directly via ZOOM, Facetime etc. 

Live stream of a speech with embedded PowerPoint

When you need a live broadcast of a symposium, a speech with embedded PowerPoint presentation, or a conference, we are your contact partner for the realisation of the video and audio broadcast. Individual and efficient server and professional technicians are available for this purpose. 

Live stream from different camera perspectives

Of course, we can cut movies from the broadcasted videos afterwards that can be provided. Furthermore, it is possible to insert different camera perspectives, PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, 3-D animations into the live stream. If required, we can create 3-D animations, graphics such as captions, start screens or an opener before the actual stream. 

Live stream from the green box / green screen studio

It is possible to broadcast recordings from a green box/ green screen studio to present them in form of a newsreader. Either we can install a mobile green screen studio at your place or we will do the recordings in a professional green screen studio in Leipzig, Dresden, or Halle. When you want to stream from a green screen studio in your city, we will arrange the choice of a suitable studio and its renting. 

Live streaming WEB TV show

We would like to plan and realise a live WEB TV show with you. Together with you, we create a transceiver concept and schedule. Furthermore, we produce an appropriate opener, separating graphics, captions etc. according to your CI. Beforehand, there is the opportunity to shoot establishing shots, short pre-produced video productions, which can be presented in the broadcast. We create a trailer for the announcement of your live stream. We arrange the setup of a WEB TV live studio with furniture, cameras, lights, audio engineering, LED backdrops, catering, internet connection with a sufficient bandwidth, encoding and live streaming etc. The live stream Web TV broadcast can be realised on different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook etc. Of course, it is also possible to provide the live stream only to a selected audience. Following this, you can offer a recording of the broadcast. 

Security for video streaming/ company live streams with encoding and passwords/ secure live streams for enterprises

Solutions for a secure internal company communication, internal company events, shareholder’s meetings, plenary assembly, internal company live streams, works assembly, webinars, staff trainings, live broadcast

  • access and password protection (Only the staff or other authorised people can watch the live stream.)
  • encoding / SSL stream (video streams are encoded analogous HTTPS and broadcasted securely)
  • copy and download protection (Your video stream cannot be copied or downloaded.)
  • access restriction via GEO IP (The access to your video streaming is regionally restricted.)
  • domain bonding (The live stream can only be called up on your domain.)
  • MD5 Token (user IP recording, timestamp – permission for the time of access, delay – definition, how long is the access possible)
  • hash (access authority is given by a secret password live)
  • IP lockout (The live stream can only be watched by predefined IP’s – for example IP’s of a company’s intranet) 
  • intranet (secure broadcast to the intranet)
  • web shop (individual security solutions for web shops/ virtual product presentation.)

Realising live stream

Contact us when you want to realise a live stream. We organize the coordination with the venue, clarify the technical requirements and necessary preparations. Basically, it is possible for us to realise any kind of live stream because we are independent from the existing net, for example via directional radio. You will benefit from our long-time experience in the field of live streaming and live broadcasting. To submit an offer without engagement, send us an e-mail to: livestream@wiel.org or call 0341-24050817. 

We are happy to answer your questions


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